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Income Distribution

Secure your future with a structured retirement plan. Learn about our retirement planning process.

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Wealth Management

Time is money, and managing your wealth can be overwhelming. At Gunderson Financial, our objective is to protect and grow your assets so you can focus on enjoying them.

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Life Insurance

Gunderson Financial specializes in preparing your family to handle the unexpected. We thrive on giving you confidence toward your future.

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Long-Term Care

You have planned and saved for the future, let Gunderson Financial help find strategies to protect your assets from the high cost of receiving care.

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Financial Strategies and Retirement Solutions for Life

Knowledge for the Life Ahead of You

At Gunderson Financial we listen to your questions and pride ourselves on providing answers that actually mean something to you. Knowing what to do with your retirement assets involves a detail financial planning approach that leverages your assets and goals for the future, while taking your risks tolerances into account. Using our retirement income distribution process we are able to position your saved assets for the years ahead using our strategies.

Gunderson Financial is a local Financial Planning firm located in Moline, IL. Our clients are our next-door neighbors. Working within the Quad Cities offers a wide range of clients from local farmers to healthcare professions to the baby boomer in or near retirement seeking financial planning advice and insurance needs. If your questions relate to planning for retirement, managing tax issues or deciding what type of insurance may best suit you and your family, Gunderson Financial can answer them.

Gunderson Financial and Jeff Gunderson is your Quad Cities financial advisor.

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