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Jeff Gunderson, ChFC

Jeff Gunderson, ChFC

Life Lessons

Growing up in a small-town in northeast Iowa, Jeff Gunderson learned to treat people right, the way he would want to be treated himself. His years in high school and college sports programs taught him the importance of teamwork and how individual effort can contribute to realizing a greater goal. Jeff has lived his life by these time-tested values.

Life Planning

Today, Jeff works to realize the goals of maturing baby boomers and those nearing and seeking retirement. He doesn't practice financial planning; he practices life planning.

Life planning is far-reaching. It's about imagining and defining the outcome you want from your money, in terms of lifestyle and the security of your loved ones. We accomplish this through proper financial planning and evaluating your insurance needs.


Jeff is an independent advisor meaning he works for you, not a big corporation. He's persistent in finding solutions tailor-made to your unique needs and providing follow-up service to ensure your plan stays on track.

With Gunderson Financial you'll get objective, informed advice on how to meet personal goals and plan a secure financial future for the next generation. From retirement income distribution planning and pension plan rollovers to financial planning and long-term care funding, Jeff can help you map your new, retirement-funded life.

Please call or email Gunderson Financial to arrange a free, no obligation financial check-up at your convenience.